As we all know  decent flowers are very  expensive. The parishioners who do the flower arrangements on our behalf need more support. Could you consider sponsoring  the flowers for a fortnight; maybe to remember a loved one, or celebrate a wedding anniversary or perhaps a birthday etc. If so please add your name to the list in the porch. The amount needed is £30 per fortnight which should be placed in an envelope marked "Church Flowers" and put in the offertory collection basket. It can be cash or a cheque payable to "St Catharine's Frome.". Maybe two friends, or two members of a family could join together to share the cost. Each being the sponsor for one of the two weeks. Please let Martin King know off your sponsorship and if you wish, any intention associated with it. The sponsorship will be acknowledged in the newsletter.

The Society of St Vincent de Paul (SVP) in St Catharine's

Christians are to follow Jesus. We are here to love and serve everyone - helping anyone who needs help. Asked "Who have you helped this week?" many of us could answer 'Quite a few.' There is a limit, though, to what the individual can do unaided.. Finding out who needs help, then finding the right means requires organisation.

To organise help by cooperation is the SVP mission. In the 17th century St Vincent de Paul organised relief to the poor in war-ravaged France. In the 19th, Frederic Ozanam founded the SVP to fight the new poverty of industrialisation While things are better nowadays, with our welfare state, helpless people still look to the SVP. The world over, SVP helps.
The Frome SVP was re-founded in 2003 by Fr Joe and Colm Hand. What does it do?

1 We help people who need money.

2 We visit lonely and sick people of any or no faith and Catholics who feel forgotten and neglected when they can't get to Mass.

3 We run the 60's Club, a fortnightly social gathering for older people.

4 We have an annual summer outing and tea-party for older people.

5 We send money to our SVP twins - one in India, one in torn South Sudan, torn by war, from both outside and inside. Our Indian contribution gives poor girls without dowries a chance to marry.

6 Every few years we finance a larger project in India or South Sudan, a village store, for instance, or bore-holes for water.

7 We help special cases in parishes with no SVP - recently in Shepton Mallet, Street and Salisbury.

8 We give a percentage of our income to the national SVP towards their larger commitments, and implement their annual or occasional campaigns, like the Holiday Fund appeal for deprived families.


Pray for us and the people we help.



If you or a member of your family are staying as an inpatient at the RUH, then you can receive care, visits and the Sacraments from the Catholic Chaplaincy team. Please contact Mandy Baker of the chaplaincy team with your details. She can be contacted on or by texting or leaving a message on 07775 895814.Our Choir


HELEN SMITH TEL: 01373 472481




We are going to have to replace one of the heaters in the Hall before winter arrives. This is likely to cost more than £2000. We do not have sufficient resources to fund all of this from the parish's current bank account. So we have to appeal for help towards the cost. All contributions of any amount will be most welcome. This can be done in two ways.
1 By bank transfer directly into the parish Nat West account, sort code 52-10-03 Account No 66286956. Use "St Catharines" as the recipient and "Hallheat" followed by your surname; for example "Hallheat-King" as the reference. If you could also Gift Aid your donation please complete one of the forms on the table in the porch.
2 Alternatively for cash or cheque donations please put in an envelope marked Hallheat, or in one of the Gift Aid envelopes on the table in the porch, and place in the Sunday collection basket.


Are you a taxpayer? Do you contribute to the collection plate on Sunday? If yes to both these, have you signed a Gift Aid Declaration form? If you are not already aware; for every £1 donated the parish can redeem 25p from the taxman. How can I go about helping the parish - simple - just fill in a gift aid form. You can contribute as much or little as you like and this can be done by standing order (it doesn't matter how little or much) either monthly, quarterly or yearly - even weekly if you wish. You can stop at any time if your circumstances change. You can also choose to donate by envelope - you still fill in the form in the same way and we will supply you with enough stamped envelopes for the current tax year. If you are interested please call Helen Smith on 01373 472481. She can also be found in the choir most Sundays.

Over 60s teas.

The next tea will be at 3.00 pm Monday 12th Sepember in the Parish Hall. All welcome, including parishioners from Mells.


We only have two people volunteering to lead children's liturgy at present. For this valuable and appreciated ministry to continue in the future it is crucial that more people are willing to become involved. If you would like to help from September please contact Kay Rhodes (07591 175774)


For prayers for someone sick or otherwise in need to be added to the Bidding Prayers in August then contact Edmund Costelloe, Tel 812199

CAFOD LENTEN SOUP LUNCHES. These Lunches in aid of Cafod

start in the Church Hall on Friday 14 March at 12.30 p.m. until 2.00 p.m. There

will be homemade soups, bread, cheese and tea or coffee. No set price, we just

ask for donations and hope that those who attend will be generous in their

support of this wonderful Charity. The lunches are for five weeks during Lent

on 14, 21 and 28 March and 4 and 11 April. A great way to do your Lenten duty

by praying, giving alms and giving up your time. We need more soup makers

and helpers if you would like to help please contact Kath Gainard, Tel:- 301018


If you wish your child or expectant baby to be baptised before April 2017, please click on Baptism Preparation Courses 2016 under Downloads below.


You are warmly invited to join the Lectio Divina prayer group. Lectio Divinia is the prayerful reading of the Bible; it is your encountr with the Word, who loves you unconditionally and is ever present and real in your life. Meetings are on Tuesday's at 7.00 pm. For more information please contact Pollie Milligan on 01373 471386 or email or Chris Kowalik


This parish prayer group meet on the first Friday of the month at 7.30 pm in the presbytery. New members most welcome  For more information contact Gerry James Tel: 01373 812002

St Vincent de Paul Society -Alternate Thursday's.

Catholic Womens League.- 1st Thursday of the month.



This Catholic parish of the diocese of Clifton comprises the town of Frome, the villages of Beckington, Rode, Mells, Nunney, Wanstrow, Witham Friary, and several nearby hamlets.

Parish Priest: Father Joseph O'Brien

Address: 4 Park Road, Frome, BA11 1EU.
Tel No: 01373 462705

Deacon: David Brinn
Tel No: 01749 850984

St Dominic's Chapel
The Manor House.
Mells, Somerset
Served from FROME:

In residence in the village:
Bishop Crispian Hollis
Address: Stable House, Fairview, Mells,
Somerset BA11 3PP
Tel No: 01373 813411

Parish Administrator: Martin King
Tel No: 07749 254424


For Parish Hall bookings please contact 
Helen Smith Tel: 01373 472481


Map: St. Catharine's Frome

Map: St Dominic's Mells


ST CATHARINE'S  9.30 am   5.30 pm



18 Monday 9.30 am Parish Mass in the Oratory. Weekday of Easter.

12 Noon Funeral Mass for Anthony Fortune

19 Tuesday 9.30 am St Alphege, Bishop & Martyr. 9.10 am Rosary (Sorrowful Mysteries)

20 Wednesday 7.00 pm Weekday of Easter. 6.40 pm Rosary (Glorious Mysteries)

21 Thursday 9.30 am St Anslem, Bishop. 9.10 am Rosary (Luminous Mysteries)

22 Friday 9.30 am Weekday of Easter. 9.00 am Blessed Sacrament Exposition.

23 Saturday 9.30 am St George, Martyr, patron of England. 9.10 am Rosary (Joyful Mysteries)

RECONCILIATION Saturday 11.00 am until 12 Noon.

St Dominic's. 6.00 pm Monday 18th, Tuesday 19th, Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st April.


18 Thursday 9.30 am Weekday in Ordinary Time.
9.10 am Rosary (Luminous Mysteries)

19 Friday 9.30 am Weekday in Ordinary Time.
9.00 am Blessed Sacrament Exposition.

20 Saturday 9.30 am St Bernard, Abbot.
9.10 am Rosary (Joyful Mysteries)

22 Monday 9.30 am  Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary  
9.00 am Morning Prayer of the Church

23 Tuesday  9.30 am  Weekday in Ordinary Time. 
9.10 amRosary (Sorrowul Mysteries)

24 Wednesday 7.00 pm  St Bartholomew, Apostle. 
6.40 pm Rosary (Glourious Mysteries)

25 Thursday 9.30 am  St Louis.
9.10 am Rosary (Luminous Mysteries)

26 Friday 9.30 am Weekday in Ordinary Time.
9.00 am Blessed Sacrament Exposition.

27 Saturday 9.30 am St Monica.
9.10 am Rosary (Joyful Mysteries)

29 Monday 9.30 am  Passion of St John the Baptist  
9.00 am Morning Prayer of the Church

30 Tuesday  9.30 am Sts Margaret Clitherow, Anne Line & Margaret Ward.. 
9.10 amRosary (Sorrowul Mysteries)

31 Wednesday 7.00 pm Weekday in Ordinary Time. 
6.40 pm Rosary (Glourious Mysteries)

1 Thursday 9.30 am Weekday in Ordinary Time. 
9.10 am Rosary (Luminous Mysteries)

2 Friday 9.30 am Weekday in Ordinary Time.
9.00 am Blessed Sacrament Exposition.

3 Saturday 9.30 am St Gregory the Great, Pope.
9.10 am Rosary (Joyful Mysteries)

RECONCILIATION Saturday 11.00 am until 12 Noon.

St Dominic's.

6.00 pm each day Monday 15th until Thursday 18th August. Then 11.00 am Saturday 27th August.

6.00 pm Monday 29th, Tuesday 30th August, Thursday 1, Friday 2 Sept. 11.00 am Saturday 3rd Sept.